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Nami Resort , Boracay

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Welcome to Nami Resort , Boracay ~~~

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Important Reminder:

Note:There will be a seventy five pesos (Php75.00) per person Environmental Fee and one hundred pesos (Php 100.00) per person Terminal Fee to be paid at the Caticlan Jetty Port upon arrival. And another one hundred pesos (Php 100.00) per person Terminal Fee at the Cagban Jetty port. The charges shall be under personal account.

Child Policy:

0 - 5 yrs old - FOC
6 - 11 yrs old - Half Rate
Charge under Personal Account
Hotel Introduction

Aword, a philosophy, a way of life. Imagine no more.

For most people, a vacation is a time to rest and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Traffic, blaring horns, pollution, time schedules and deadlines define the lives of thousands of individuals. Most of us long for and anxiously await the time when we can " get away from it all", let our hair down and let loose all our frustrations and worries. In essence, we look to our vacations as a time to renew our strength so that we can face the world from a different angle.

Unfortunately, too many times, the typical vacation turns out to be even more traumatic than the pressures of home and we end up having to take a vacation from our vacations. Visions of National Lampoons' " Family Vacation" come to mind, and fill us with fear and trepidation. To try to alleviate this, we busy ourselves with the chore of planning and organizing in great detail every minute of our retreat with the hope to be able to eliminate any possibility of disaster. After all this is done, the vacation finally commences… with mixed results. The feeling of constraint and restriction then overcomes us and the problems we've fought so hard to avoid end up taking over.

Like most experiences in life, we tend to remember the worst as well as the best. The concept of a dream vacation is one that is free of worry and constraint, one that offers us an experience that not only relaxes us but changes our perspective on life.

Here in the Philippines, Boracay is considered one of the most popular vacation spots in the country. This small island offers a wide variety of new and exciting activities and adventures. One of the newest additions to the island is NAMI. Set on a plateau on the edge of a cliff, Nami offers a view that that inspires wonder and embodies a concept of exquisite splendor that is more ethereal than it is tangible. Excellent, unobtrusive service and simple elegance are a few of the words that come to mind when describing the philosophy of NAMI where the guests'every desire is pampered and coddled as if it were a precious jewel or priceless stone.

Nami Private Villas, Boracay, a new and unique addition to the eclectic life of the island, is situated at the very end of the white beach in a small cove called Diniwid. Secluded enough for privacy, yet close enough to be accessible.
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Room and Accommodation

The are three buildings with four (4) rooms in each. The three buildings are called:

  • Matawhay:means peaceful in Ilonggo
  • Matahom: means beautiful in Ilonggo
  • Maayo:means good in Ilonggo

There are three types of room:

  • Beach View: average 35 square meters
  • Ocean View:average 50 square meters
  • 1 BR Suite:average 70 square meters
The design is Contemporary Filipino

Excellent, unobtrusive service as well as luxurious quality are hallmarks of the NAMI philosophy. To achieve this, the following are available at NAMI:
  • The Bayanihan Lift, the only scenic elevator on the island
  • Jacuzzis on the private balconies of all rooms
  • Breathtaking 180 degree ocean view from all rooms
  • Speedboat transfers from Caticlan and speedboat transportation service to and from the White Beach
  • Butler Service
  • The Vacation Menu ensures that every guest is provided a customized, personalized, dream vacation based on his/her specific needs and wants. The menu ranges from helicopter flights to the island to ordering for a violinist to play for you at dinner in your own balcony.
  • Minibar and Cable TV in all rooms
  • DVD/CD players available
  • In-suite spa facilities
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Nourishment for the soul is served at the Manami Restaurant. Personalized cuisine is captured through simple, elegant meals that are true to the nature of the ingredients. The highlight of the restaurant is its chefs' abilities to fulfill guests' desires by flexibly designing recipes on the spot like works of art, combining fresh market buys with any feeling or idea, crystallized by passion.


The NAMI Family is the primary source of the uniqueness of every guest's experience. In NAMI, the staff firmly believes that they have not only committed themselves to a job but, also, to a way of life. Management has taken training to a different level, understanding that building sincerity and strong ties supersedes mere method in providing unparalleled service.
The owner of NAMI PRIVATE VILLAS is the Ledesma Family, whose main businesses are construction and real estate development. When they purchased the property two years ago, they envisioned a sanctuary unlike any other, where reflection and rejuvenation in style would take place in each room with a view.


At the very end of the white sands of Boracay lies a haven for the soul. NAMI, the Ilonggo word for beautiful and good, can be found in such a place where the beauty of nature touches the very core of your being and inspires a feeling of weightlessness and release. Against the backdrop of a crystal clear ocean, the melody of life blossoms as secrets are revealed and passions are unbound.

" I took a walk in the clouds and happened upon a dream, when I bent to pick it up, it was like sand through my fingers. I knew then of happiness and joy and I was no longer weary…"
Set on the edge of a cliff and buttressed by the sky, lies NAMI. Like the exotic name of a distant land or the chant of a mystical religion, it teases your senses with the promise of mystery and serenity.

"Close your eyes and you will see the world as it is meant to be."
Like flying through the heavens and seeing for the first time life in its purest form, you will ascend the mountain to reach the top of the world.

Elegant simplicity is the only way to describe the food of NAMI where every dish is created to enhance and stimulate the palate.


A grand adventure or a quiet retreat, Nami is not limited to just one. Like an all-encompassing circle, the concept is the embodiment of everything that life has to offer, where paradox and enigma come together to create a tapestry of color and light that can be as vibrant and alive as a waterfall or as still as a mountain lake.
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NAMI PRIVATE VILLAS is located in Diniwid Beach, Boracay Island. Diniwid Beach is around the bend by Boat Station 1, walking distance from Boracay's famous White Beach. It is a private cove away from the maddening array of sari-sari stores, vendors and tourists typically associated with Boracay. Diniwid represents what Boracay was while it was still a virgin island, full of unadulterated, natural character.

The VILLAS are nestled on the cliffside overlooking Diniwid, 20 meters above the beach, and are accessible by a scenic elevator.

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