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The Krabi Sands Resort , Krabi

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Welcome to The Krabi Sands Resort , Krabi ~~~

Hotel Introduction

The Krabi Sands Resort in Krabi combines a contemporary style with Western convenience and an exotic Oriental experience. The one word that defines the Krabi Sands Resort completely is space. The Krabi Sands Resort in Krabi is a three star destination that comes with five star amenities. The Krabi Sands Resort was set up not too long ago in 2003. What sets the Krabi Sands Resort in Krabi apart from the rest is its ability to adapt to the needs and desires of its guests. Also the Krabi Sands Resort in Krabi is located conveniently, making navigation to and from its premises convenient. The Krabi Sands Resort in Krabi is renowned for the many amenities and other convenient facilities that it offers its guests. The Krabi Sands Resort in Krabi does not allow its guests to bring their pets into the premises. The Krabi Sands Resort in Krabi can be summed up in three words; they are state of the art, deluxe and convenient.

Get Away From the Crowd...A small family run hotel with beach front offering a high standard of accommodation and facilities such Swimming Pool, Satellite TV, on Suite Bathrooms, Room service and more. Klong Muang is an upmarket beach resort on a fine stretch of the Krabi coast. It offers peace and quiet, while being a short distance from the tourist centres of Ao Nang and Krabi Town.

Looking for something different from the predictable five star offerings around Krabi,You'll be offered custom-tailored choices with the ingenuity, imagination, and motivation to pique your interest. Discover an honest welcome - the individual attention that comes in generous helpings at the Krabi Sands Resort Hotel.

An ideal leisure destination, the Krabi Sands Resort in the Krabi is located in south west of the country of Thailand. The Krabi Sands Resort in Krabi gazes intensely at the blue waters of the distant horizon of the Andaman Sea. The Krabi Sands Resort in Krabi is also the place where your vacation will set you free.

The region of Krabi is a place of many parts. It gives you unbounded freedom, makes a recluse of you or even inspires you to poetry. The Krabi Sands Resort in Krabi has an ideal setting too, what with the hills, the jungles and the vast sea bordering it from all sides. The other thing that the Krabi Sands Resort in Krabi affords its guests is a spectacular view alongside a mesmerizing experience.

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Room and Accommodation

Built in 2003. 26 rooms 18 Doubles 8 Twins. Built on a plot surrounded on two sides by national park and a tidal stream fronted by the local road. 50m from the beach.

Traditional southern roof styles. Single story construction. 13, 2 room units on 5000 sq.m land giving a total of 26 rooms.Each room has air, hot water, minibar, fridge, satellite TV and direct dial telephone.

Large tropical garden. Garden planted using more than 100 varieties of plants with more being added all the time.

Large saltwater treated pool. Not salty to taste but has advantages of cleaner water very chlorine levels so no red eyes or green dirty water. Pool surrounded by traditional Thai sala's so you can relax out of the hot sun.

Rooms Furnished using solid Plantation teak Furniture specially designed for the resort and made in Changmai. (Environmentally friendly cut from a 50-year-old Thai plantation not from the wild).

Bathrooms equipped with shower. No baths. 18 rooms garden, pool, national park view. 8 rooms' sea jungle view . View is compromised by bridge over road.

The best way to find one self is to loose oneself in the service of others - the Krabi Sands Resort believes in this dictum and keeps it intact with the services it offers. So, the room facilities at Krabi Sands Resort will always be at its best to make the guests feel at home when they are staying at the hotel.

The Krabi Sands Resort has been very recently built in the year 2003 and has maintained its quality and popularity since then. Even though competition has been high from the surrounding five star hotels, the room facilities at the Krabi Sands Resort have not deteriorated. In fact it has become even better in the face of tough competition. With only twenty six rooms, the Krabi Sands Resort believes in giving the best to a small group instead of dividing the service amongst a lot of people and then not delivering well. The resort is run by a family, which makes each and every room facility offered at the hotel richer with personal touch.

Staying at the Krabi Sands Resort you will be able to avail from the following room facilities:

  • The entrance of the rooms are don in a terraced fashion
  • The huge king sized bed is waiting for you
  • Satellite television
  • Mini bar and refrigerator
  • Air conditioning, which can be personally adjusted
  • Furniture made from teakwood and specially designed for this hotel
  • Top grade materials used in all the corners of the room
  • Direct dial telephone
  • Ensuite bathroom with fabulous fixtures
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There is one thing that is guaranteed when you are staying at this hotel, you will not have even half a chance to complain from the Hotel Amenities & Services at Krabi Sands Resort. A vacation in Krabi will not be complete without planning the stay at the Krabi Sands Resort. The resort is like a dreamland with exotic birds paying an occasional visit to the resort to charm the guests; the National Parkland surrounds two sides of the resort like putting two protective palms around a new born child; the beach the and the tidal estuary being the jewel in the crown of the resort. The picture is nothing less than nature playing the role of a guardian to keep the resort free from being overcrowded and surrounded by human habitation and concrete structures. Among all the basic hotel amenities and services, this is perhaps the most important one and the best that a traveler can get.

Fresh Water Pool : Large saltwater treated pool. Not salty to taste but has advantages of cleaner water and very low chlorine levels so no red eyes or green dirty water. Pool surrounded by traditional Thai sala's so you can relax out of the hot sun.

With pool-side service on hand to keep you topped up with cool drinks and tasty snacks while you attend to the rigours of staying seriously stress-free - no wonder the beach is empty!

Tropical Setting : Take a tip from our exotic feathered guests - such as the Sea Eagle, Collard Kingfisher, Blue-Throated Bee Eater, Black-Hooded Oriole and the rare Gurney's Pitta - who like to drop by to soak up the atmosphere of our lush tropical gardens - planted with over one hundred native tree, shrubs, and flower varieties (and still growing!).

Beach Location : Nestled between the beach and tidal estuary, flanked on two sides by wild National Park land, this is your chance to be free of the crowd - in a natural garden setting - only meters from the golden sanded deserted beach.

Care has been taken to preserve the amenities from getting corrupted by professionalism. You will not get a better chance to experience perfectionism without being jaded by professionalism. The best example of this is that the swimming pool in the Krabi Sands Resort has been kept chlorine free and is purified with the help of salt, mixed at a very low quantity, to give the guests a hygienic dip. The pool side service includes being served with drinks and snacks to satisfy the occasional hunger pangs.

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The Krabi Sands Beach Restaurant, located right on the beachfront facing the sunset, is the perfect place to enjoy freshly-prepared food, right through from breakfast to dinner.

Much more than just a hotel restaurant, the Beach House's authentic Thai and International food is locally-renouned.

You'll find dishes to suit your taste and pocket, with the ambiance to suit your lifestyle, at the Krabi Sands Beach Restaurant.

Our menu includes both traditional Thai and Western-style food, with seafood dishes being big favourites.

They say you can tell the quality of a restaurant by checking out the customers - well, we find our clientelle currently comprises 60% local Thai people, so we must be doing something right!

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Central Klong Muang Beach, 52 M of beach front, Rooms are set back 60 M from the beach and divided from the beach by the local road. 300 M from Andaman Holiday Resort and Nakamanda, 1000M from Krabi Sheraton.

The location of Krabi Sands Resort in Krabi is in close proximity to the beach; so much so that the resort overlooks the Klong Muang Beach. Also, the location of Krabi Sands Resort in Krabi makes it easily accessible for the airport too. The nearest airport is just a short drive from the location of Krabi Sands Resort in Krabi. Also, location of Krabi Sands Resort in Krabi makes it viable with other modes of transportation from the various parts of the country.

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