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Naladhu Maldives , Maldives

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Welcome to Naladhu Maldives , Maldives ~~~

Hotel Introduction

On a tranquil palm-covered atoll surrounded by a coral lagoon, Naladhu – Maldivian for "beautiful island" – offers a mosaic of timeless moments of seclusion, luxury and serenity. Naladhu is designed to be as familiar as a favourite vacation home by the sea, but with surprise hints of the islands. In its soul is the spirit of the local Maldivian culture, drawing on the rich traditions of our island paradise. It is a place where everything is as it should be. Where everything is familiar – not because you’ve been here before, but because it is just as you’d imagined it to be.

Unwind in free-flowing space in the paradise of the Maldives. Dream to a symphony of rolling waves and rustling palms. Plunge into your private infinity-edge pool or surrender to the aroma of an exotic Ayurvedic elixir. Seek refuge in the familiar cool of hardwood floors and goose-down pillows. Surround yourself with the familiar comforts you know and love. Delight in the surprises of the islands.
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Room and Accommodation

Guest Room

The Houses feature free-flowing spaces with a dignified colonial atmosphere and an outlandish list of luxuries and amenities. Houses are named after Maldivian plants and flowers and ingeniously designed for a happy blend of indoor/outdoor living. Each house has a huge outdoor pool that melts from the airy outdoor bathtub, filled with fresh flowers, flowing down towards the terrace and wrapping around the front of the house. Each of Naladhu's secluded houses incorporates timeless design, idyllic views and a feeling of home away from home. Your private house is appointed with elegant hardwood furnishings that are reminiscent of a bygone era, with touches of contemporary style like funky colorful carpets and brilliant Thai silk cushions.

Every house is outfitted with Wi-Fi capabilities to keep you connected, while a Bose home theatre system and LCD satellite TV are the perfect accompaniment to laid-back evenings at home. And if the lapping ocean waves aren't enough, create the perfect soundtrack with the in-room iPod and surround-sound stereo system.


Feel the interplay of fresh island air and the soothing pulse of water in your house’s luxuriously appointed al fresco bathing pavilion. Cool hardwood and terracotta floors below and ceiling fans gently whirring above. Choices abound. Unwind in a romantic outdoor bath while gazing out to an endless moonlit sea. Or, cross playful flagstone steps between the dual mirrored vanities to the outdoor waterfall shower, shaded by bougainvillea and frangipani.

Sun Deck

Your favourite “room” in the house may not be a room, in the traditional sense. Your house’s expansive, multi-tiered deck and patio are perhaps its most unique feature – a luxurious touch you’ll find only on Naladhu. It is from here that the view takes centre stage, whether it is the emerald stillness of the lagoon and white-sands of the Beach Houses, or the slowly rolling Indian Ocean panorama of the Ocean Houses. Unwind on the plush, oversized swinging daybed suspended in the island breeze and just be – for as long as you’d like.

When time comes to soak in the island sun, step down from the patio to the sun-kissed wood deck below – touching the sands fronting the Beach House or the waves of the Ocean House. Twin loungers invite you to kick back and bathe in the warmth of the Maldivian sun. Later, enjoy a midday Arabic mezze served in your deck’s dining sala – also the perfect venue for a cozy, romantic candlelit dinner under the island stars.

Swimming Pool

Total privacy. A midnight dip under the stars. Toasting a picture-perfect sunset over the lagoon. The infinity-edge pool is an integral feature of your House – seamlessly blending wood, light, air and water. Sliding doors off the bedroom give way to the clear waters of the pool, as do the hardwood floors of the bath and deck. Meanwhile, the surrounding gardens, lush with native Maldivian flowering plants and island greenery, remind you that you’re firmly ensconced in paradise. Delight in your secluded pool, where the view of the lapping waters melds with the ocean, lagoon and horizon.

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Some of the best views in the Maldives can be found below the surface. Naladhu’s on-site PADI Dive Centre offers a full range of scuba certification courses. With classes ranging from scuba discovery to advanced open-water, wreck diving and even rescue dives, our Naladhu residents, from first-timer to fanatic, are sure to find an adventure suited to their abilities. Every day, the centre offers up to four dives at a variety of locations – in fact, within a half-hour radius of our island, there are no less than 20 world-class dives to enjoy.


The warm ocean breeze tickling your hair. The rustle of canvas sails above. Naladhu’s own fleet of luxury launches, catamarans and sailing yachts are available for charter, fishing trips and island-hopping adventures all around the South Male Atoll. The experienced (or adventurous) can harness the power of the winds and hone their knot-tying skills in the calm waters of the Indian Ocean, or more relaxed residents can simply unwind on deck with champagne or a cocktail (and awe-inspiring tropical views) while our experienced local skippers do all the work.


We’ll give you an easy start to some water sports adventures with the complimentary canoes provided for you to enjoy the beautiful (and calm) lagoon fronting the island. For those feeling a bit more adventurous, have a go at windsurfing. Don’t worry if it’s your first try – we’ll encourage you with a lesson or two that will enable you to enjoy the wind and sea in a new and challenging way. We also have surfing, kayaking, stand up paddling, waterski, and catamaran sailing. The Maldives is famous for its perfectly groomed waves that rival some of the best on the planet. The beauty of Maldivian surf is not only its quality but also its variety, which allows surfers of all abilities to find and ride their perfect wave. The Resort’s surfing services at Naladhu are operated by Tropic Surf of Noosa Heads, Australia.
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Restaurant and Bar

Event Dining

Our chefs and staff can cater for private parties, pre-dinner cocktails with appetizers or afternoon tea in the comfort of your house or venue of your choice. Book a festive wedding or a romantic honeymoon dinner for two in a secluded location.

Personalised Dining

Beach picnics, intimate dinners and other unique personalized dining experiences can be arranged through your House Master, who will coordinate with our chefs to bring you a customized culinary experience. Escape to a nearby desert island for a private beach dinner or feast onboard an elegant dhoni, the traditional Maldivian sailboat.


At Naladhu, dining tantalizes more than just your taste buds; catering to all your senses: your sense of home; your sense of aesthetics; your sense of adventure. Master Chefs use their knowledge of appearance, colour, textures and presentation to deliver a feast for the eyes, nose, mouth and stomach. Naladhu offers many dining options and a wide-range of cuisine from international dishes to Thai delicacies. You can tailor every meal to suit your wildest cravings with personalized dining even in the privacy of your House.

In-House Dining

Satisfy your tastes with a carefully selected menu designed by none other than you. Dine at home on your terrace, under the stars or the sun. Enjoy a villa barbecue, complete with your own chef and House Master at service. Or, for true romantics, surprise your loved one and organize a champagne breakfast to start the day in splendid fashion. Chefs also offer a variety of set dinners for every taste including Thai, Indian, Greek and Maldivian.

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Health & Spa

As the perfect Naladhu day winds down or as the perfect beginning to a new day, nothing beats unwinding in the privacy of your house with your choice of in-room spa therapies designed to pamper your body and restore your soul. An international team of trained therapists are skilled in providing services that draw from the timeless wisdom of the ages and the best of contemporary holistic practices. Allow them to personalize the right treatment for you. Inspired by the rich natural traditions of the islands and surrounding ocean, a range of luxurious spa therapies are available to relax the mind and spirit. Four-hand massage, herbal steam and al fresco flora baths are just a few of the available options. You'll discover and design the rest.

Choose where you want to be pampered: The comfort of your spacious bedroom; your sun bleached deck as twilight falls; in the warmth of the sand on the beach at sunset. At Naladhu, relaxation is never more than a few steps away.

In-House Spa Journey

For the ultimate in pampering, Naladhu offers all our residents the chance to turn your own Beach or Ocean House into a private luxury spa retreat. Naladhu’s own team of spa professionals have devised a series of day retreats for you to enjoy in the privacy of your own island sanctuary for an especially personalised spa experience. Of course, you can also choose from our range of a la carte treatments to compile your own customised retreat.


Drawing on the rich natural traditions of the islands and surrounding ocean, a range of luxurious spa therapies are available to unwind the mind and spirit. Four-hand massage, herbal steam and al fresco floral bath are just a few. You'll discover the rest.

Spa Journeys

What better way to enjoy all that Naladhu has to offer than with a multi-day Spa Journey that takes you across the islands? A massage here, a scrub there, then jet across the lagoon for a facial – can it get any better than this? Or, if you're feeling a bit less adventurous, our resident cast of internationally trained therapists can bring their pampering treatments right to you to be enjoyed in the privacy and serenity of your own house.

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The 13-kilometre ride to Naladhu takes approximately half an hour as you glide over the emerald waters of the Indian Ocean, weaving between some of the Maldives’ famed islands.

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