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Nika Island Resort , Maldives

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Welcome to Nika Island Resort , Maldives ~~~

Hotel Introduction

Nika Island Resort, built on Kudafolhudhoo island, located just 74kms from Male' International airport boasts private beaches for each bungalow. 26 spacious beach bungalows and suite stand proud on the beachfront, just few meters from the sea, giving them direct access to the private beach.

The recently built 10 water apartments with a floor space of 110sqm are located in the lagoon on the northeast of the island. Water apartments are designed and built in 3 nucleuses: A sitting room and a bedroom with sea view, and a bath room and a toilet. Connecting the 3 nucleuses is a hall with wardrobe and an extra bed incase of a third person.

Nika Island Resort Nika offers guests exclusiveness, style and comfort in one great package where each bungalow has its own private beach front and the service very Maldivian.

The island is named after the majestic banyan tree called “Nika” in dhivehi. The giant tree which shoots down its roots into the Nika soil to support its growing weight, is home to many types of birds and fruit bats. This tree is believed to be about 350 years old.

As with all islands in the Maldives , Nika possesses all the glory of tropical islands. The white sandy beaches and the seemingly endless crystal clear lagoon surrounding the island offers an experience that will not be matched elsewhere.

However, what marks it out against other resorts is that our clientele receive the most private experience possible and is wrapped in a feeling of being truly away from “it” all. As soon as you step on to the island you will feel the last of your worries disappear. The sight that awaits you when you hop onto the island is guaranteed to take your breathe away.

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Room and Accommodation

Beach Bungalow

The size of a bungalow is 70 sqm. It consists of a bedroom, sitting room, and a bathroom; the 3 rooms arranged in the shape of a shell.

Bathroom with a garden setting is almost of the size of a normal hotel room. Its original design created by an Italian architect is very impressive. Sitting room leads to your private beach where you will find a swing, beach lounges, table and chairs and an umbrella for shadow. You will also find open air showers in bungalows to make it more convenient for your comfort.

Bungalows are built with coral and thatched with coconut leaves. Lattice windows make it possible the pleasant breeze to pass through making the inside of the bungalow cool.

Facilities in beach bungalows:

  • Air conditioning in the bed room
  • Wooden parquet in the bed room
  • Tea / coffee making facility
  • Music Player
  • Hot and Cold desalinated water
  • Digital safe
  • Hair dryer
  • Bathrobes
  • Bath towels
  • Hand Towel
  • Face towel
  • Beach Towel
  • Mini bar
  • Telephone

Water Bungalow

10 new water apartments over the northern reef edge have been inaugurated on the first of August 2005. With a surface of 100 square meters, each of them comprises 3 separate rooms: bedroom, sitting room and bathroom with wardrobe and sand beach incorporated on the deck of the bungalow. They are equipped with satellite TV, CD player, IDD telephone and air-conditioning in the bedroom.

The uniqueness of these water apartments is in their 3 split levels. The first and lowest level just kisses the sea; the second one is a deck with real sand and deckchairs whilst the third, 2m above the sea, is the ideal deck from which to perfect an all-over tan. The beach is never far away, with a stretch of white sand by the water apartment's jetty.

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Scuba Diving for the complete novice or for the professionals would be an experience at Ranveli. The Ranveli Diving Club with experienced instructors offers the opportunity for you to gain a PADI certificate, from the beginner level to Masters. The Ranveli Diving Club Instructors could lead you to some of the best dive spots - they know every coral and every fish in those sites. You are in good hands all the way.

Sunset Fishing
Daily bottom-line fishing trips are organized. The trip leaved at 1900hrs and returns at 2100hrs. Red snappers, groupers, barracudas and many more are caught. All the fishing gear are supplied and friendly crew will help you to catch your fish. This is a perfect oppertunity to watch the sunset while you combat against your catch.

Turtle pond
A small pond with seawater circulation has been created for the purpose of raising baby turtles as part of our effort to see their numbers increase in the Maldivian waters.
Baby turtles are usually found from fishing villages. Sometimes they are even hatched on Nika itself. The chances of their survival are much better under our protection than out in the open sea. When the turtles are ready to go they are set free usually during the new year celebration.

Thanks to a government law passed few years ago, prohibiting the fishing of turtles, the sighting of turtles by tourists while snorkeling is on the rise.

One of the most stunning beauties of this tiny paradise is perhaps its spectacular garden. A garden with lavish green, colorful and abundant flowers make Nika the perfect hideaway for romance and relaxation. With the countless number of coconut trees and other tropical plants, Nika is cooler by several degrees on sunny days than other islands where trees have been sacrificed for construction. The constant care and effort of our gardeners keep the vegetation of Nika as a true attraction.
An important part of the gardening is of course the cultivation of fruits such as banana and papaya, salads such as mustard (ruccola) and basil. Ruccola and basil are of course used to create authentic Nika dishes.

Different types of sports are available at Nika to make your stay healthy and enjoyable. They include, wind surfing, beach volley, canoeing, badmington, tennis and bocce ball which are available. Water ski is available and is for payment.
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Restaurant and Bar

Nika Island is sold on full board basis, with beverages not included. Italian, International and Maldivian cuisine is served buffet-style at lunch and “à la carte” at dinner and a selection of over 60 wines is offered. Friendly staff is willing to cater for your every wish. Maldivian buffet and barbecues are served twice a week. Home-made delicious ice-creams are also offered with meals.

The restaurant also boasts a deck where one can dine with candles, the twinkling stars and the waves rolling on to the beach.

Most of the food items and ingredients are imported directly from Italy.

Romantic dinner is served on your private beach by your waiter. Especially crafted dishes by our chef with fine wines to choose from, it offers the perfect ambience to fall in love all over again and again! It is truly a magical experience.

Coffee Shop

The coffee shop situated on the beach is where one can relax, have a delicious cocktail and listen to some lovely music or even better to the sound of waves and the wind rustling through the palm leaves.

Besides the serene atmosphere, the coffee shop also offers light snacks, ice cream and alcoholic beverages. The coffee shop is the ideal place to watch the sun go down after a lazy day basking in its brilliance. The golden hue spread across the sky and the passionate red reflected in the clouds is a sight not to be missed. This is truly the ultimate setting for a couple who loves romance.

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Your Holiday at Nika Island Resort will be full of sun, sea and sand, but if you would like to reinvigorate Your Mind and Your Body, we suggest You to try our Ayurvedic Centre.

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Only 74 km away from the airport, Nika Island Resort eagerly beckons sun worshippers to grace this resort and succumb to temptation at its best. To make your stay more worthwhile, excursions are also arranged, enabling you to bask in the warmth of the Maldives environment. Let the Nika show you a glimpse of the different islands, inhabited and uninhabited.

Nika Island Resort is 74km from the main island of the Maldives.

  • Beach Front
  • Nika Island Resort is 74 km from Male' International Airport
  • Nika Island Resort is 30 minutes by seaplane from Male' International Airport

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